EventReporter 8.0: monitors Windows NT/2003/XP event logs. Notifies via email or syslog message.

EventReporter 8.0

Automatically monitor your Windows NT/2000/XP event logs. Detect security compromises and hard- or software failures before they hurt. Integrates Windows systems in UNIX based management systems. EventReporter continously monitors the Windows Event Logs and forwards new events to either an email recipient or a syslog server.

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MonitorWare Console 3.0: Analysis console for Windows & Network Events

MonitorWare Console 3.0

event logs, firewalls and network events. It offers live, interactive views and great reports. A number of helpful tools are included, even a network scanner. Reports can be scheduled for automatic generation. Included Reports cover Windows events, firewall reporting as well as generic network reporting. Great for security analysis. With MonitorWare Console, you can consolidate all of your Windows and network events into a single, easy to browse

reporting, windows event log, consolidation, firewall, syslog, analysis

EventConsolidator 1.0RC1: View and Report on multiple Windows Event Logs - no Agents required

EventConsolidator 1.0RC1

EventConsolidator is an agentless solution for monitoring multiple Windows machines. It provides a single powerful view of all event logs. Its advanced features help to find problems quickly and before they turn out to be a headache. Reports provide in-depth information about your systems - without the need to look at each event log manually.

troubleshooting, windows event log, report, consolidation, event log, windows, security

Know Your Bible 2001 1.0a: 10 games to  learn the Books, People, and Major Events of the Bible.

Know Your Bible 2001 1.0a

event in correct order after they have been randomized and placed on a set of buttons. Each game tracks your percentage correct, your time, and your score. In addition, each game includes a learn mode, sound effects, and tracks the high score. The Freeware Edition contains only the New Testament Books. The registered Deluxe Edition also contains the Old Testament Books, Old Testament People, Old Testament Events, Life of Joseph Events, Life of David

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WhichTime Free Calendar 1.0: A fast easy to use calendar. Just point, click and type to create an event.

WhichTime Free Calendar 1.0

A fast easy to use calendar. - Just point, click and type to create an event. - No filling in forms when creating events. - Accesses a central server to save data so it can be used from any computer - Dynamically resizable events - Move events around the calendar using Drag and drop

planning, calender, schedule, planner, calendar

YearPlanner 2.5.8: An interactive software Year Planner, with reminders and WYSIWYG Interface

YearPlanner 2.5.8

events-data for individuals, groups, and organizations. It can be used as a diary, scheduler, project management tool or any other application that requires a long term view of calendar data. YearPlanner has all the features that you would expect from a top-of-the-range scheduling application - Event reminders (with definable sounds), recurring events, categorization, and much more. You can even import calendar data directly from Microsoft Outlook

project, timetable, term, alarms, student, business, plan, school, recurrence pattern, outlook, wysiwyg

TimeRanger 1.6.0: Manage your time, never be late or forget important events. Let me remind you!

TimeRanger 1.6.0

events to be timed. It will alert you visually and audibly or run any program when events reach due time. You can define absolute or relative time events to be repeated daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Recurring events are automatically adjusted to their next value once they have past. TimeRanger keeps you informed of the events you missed when the machine was turned off. The "Atomic Time" option keeps your system clock aligned with the time server

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Handy Dates for Sony Ericsson 2.0: Don`t miss birthdays, anniversaries and business events with your Sony Ericsson

Handy Dates for Sony Ericsson 2.0

events in your life. With Handy Dates for Sony Ericsson P800 / P900 you have all your birthdays, anniversaries, business events, and public holidays in one organized list sorted by closest date. You will never forget about your friend`s birthdays, your anniversaries, or business events! Handy Dates is fully integrated with the built-in Calendar application. Enter your events in Handy Dates and it will automatically enter them into Calendar application

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Caller ID Events 1.1

Caller ID Events 1.1 is a software that will tell you who the caller is - by name, by number, by picture, by sound and even by voice. general point: Caller ID- Tapi or Comm based. Hear who`s call by text to speech. Blocks unwanted phone calls. Calls log. Adding remarks, flags and priority for each call. Display of voice and speech. Forwarding the details of incoming calls and incoming messages to the e-mail. And much more...

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WDumpEvt 2.2: Windows NT/2000 eventlog  management tool: dump, save, view the local/remote log

WDumpEvt 2.2

events, user, failure or ras sessions, or print jobs. Dump the data to a file in ASCII-delimited, CSV or html format. You can study the log from any remote computer by browsing a tree who describes all the eventlog of your network The package contains also a Windows NT/2000 service, LogSched to automate the management of the eventlog(dump,save,erase) : You can schedule the erase, save or dump of your eventlogs. Three command line tools are available

system, dump, eventlog monitoring, print, windows nt security, eventlog, user, application, service, event, audit